The Salisbury City Centre community is both large and diverse. Retailers, restaurateurs, businesses, workers and shoppers from the Salisbury area and beyond converge on the centre every day for work and play.

Since 2012 when planning for the city centre renewal started, this community has been at the heart of shaping the investment plans.

“These ambitious plans are all about creating opportunities for the growing Salisbury community. Opportunities for more businesses and jobs, opportunities for people to live in the city, and opportunities for spending more time in the city centre to shop, eat, relax and enjoy a variety of activities.”

Gillian Aldridge
Mayor, City of Salisbury

“The city centre has grown organically for many decades, with a great mix of big businesses, national businesses and small business owners. This investment is an opportunity to really expand the offer and make the city centre a true destination of choice.”

Salisbury Business Association

“I opened my café in the city centre in 2015 and I love the area and my customers. The plans to build housing in the city centre and bring in new retail and commercial opportunities is really exciting for my business.”

Café owner

“Like all centres, it needed to be upgraded. We are going to do a new facade at the centre so it will look bright, sparkling, clean and new. I think it will be a great opportunity for the local community with more services available. The upgrades are a win for the community and tenants alike”

Nicholas DiMauro
Parabanks Shopping Centre Centre owner

“There are already a range of health services within Salisbury City Centre. This investment provides further opportunities for the growth of integrated and specialist health services for the people of Salisbury.”

Health provider