The City of Salisbury is well known as a progressive council

Working well with the private sector, Council cooperates and encourages enterprise. Council sees itself as pivotal in bringing momentum to the Salisbury City Centre Renewal Structure Plan, acting as a catalyst; as a key landholder as well as a policy maker and the driving force behind turning opportunities into working realities. The City of Salisbury will work with the private sector at every step, from creating land parcels to negotiating land swaps and fostering policy that promotes further development.

Committed to playing a crucial role in the City Centre Renewal, Council will also work to energise and activate the area through innovative marketing as well as public events, art, recreation and community-inclusive use of open space facilities. In every way, the City of Salisbury will dedicate its energy and focus towards promotion, communication and growth to make the City Centre Renewal a prominent and positive move embraced by commerce and community alike.

Please see our Salisbury City Centre Business Prospectus here.

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