Be the change you want to see

Jeannette 1 (2)

A LONG-TIME northern suburbs resident, Jeannette Hunt is a staunch supporter of leading the change you want to see.

The 69-year-old has seen the northern suburbs develop and evolve over the past 50 years of her living here and her activism stems from wanting to be heard.

“I realised if you want things done, you have to be involved…and I must say I love being involved,” Mrs Hunt says.

“Living in this community and liking where you live…I think there is an onus on you to be involved and help make it the best it can be.”

For the Salisbury resident, that includes running a friendship group at the Jack Young Centre, volunteering at a local residential facility as well as heading into the Salisbury City Centre most days for shopping, catch-ups and exercise.

Mrs Hunt has also been an active member of the Salisbury Seniors Alliance and has taken part in the consultative process of the Community Hub project.

“Salisbury Council has made it so much easier for its older residents,” she says.

“I think Council is unique in its attitude to have community members involved and their ability to listen to them and act on it wherever possible.

“It is a catalyst of people communicating, everybody benefits from it,” Mrs Hunt says.

The Community Hub project is a core element of the revitalisation of the City Centre and will create a place for the community to come together to exchange ideas, learn, participate and celebrate in a range of flexible community spaces. The concept was first announced in the City of Salisbury’s Salisbury City Centre Renewal Strategy 2012 and has been included in Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

The Community Hub will feature a new generation library, a community terrace, training and meeting spaces and an outdoor screen that will showcase events, performances and live television broadcasts, in addition to Council’s civic and administration functions.

Mrs Hunt says she’s excited about the future of Salisbury for her two daughters and her grandson as well as the rest of the community.

“I think the Community Hub is brilliant and long overdue there are so many lonely people out there and this will bring the community together.

“If you want to go and borrow a book you can, if you want to pay your bills you can; everything will be there in the one place.”