Salisbury is the Fastest Growing Council Area in South Australia.

As the population of Salisbury grows, average incomes are on the rise, and demand for property, goods and services is constantly climbing.

It is forecast that over 2,000 new residents will come to live within the Salisbury City Centre over the next 10 to 20 years, accompanied by an influx of around 1,000 workers over the same period.

Commercial and retail capacity in the city centre will grow accordingly to approximately 70,000 square metres to accommodate this growth.

All of the vital elements of a successful city centre are already in place, from schools and colleges to entertainment and recreation facilities, green riverside parks, shopping centres and services.

Salisbury is bustling and full of character, with a vibrant, diverse community.

Banks and retailers report that their branches and stores in Salisbury consistently rate amongst their busiest. Meanwhile as the defence sector grows and numbers swell at nearby RAAF Edinburgh, the knock-on effect is more money flowing into the Salisbury area.

Salisbury City Centre has the second busiest rail interchange in metropolitan Adelaide. First class road, rail and bus services will take residents and workers from Salisbury City Centre to the Adelaide CBD in just 20 minutes.

Salisbury’s Council is well known for its progressive attitude, with a reputation for working hand-in-hand with business. It stands ready to partner with businesses, developers and investors to grow Salisbury City Centre’s next era of success.

Adding to the city’s momentum, the State Government has flagged future investment in the area, identifying Salisbury as key to the growth of the north in its 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, and identifying it as one of Greater Adelaide’s major hubs and as a future Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

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