Salisbury City Centre Car Parking

car park image web pageManaging parking effectively to improve retail activity in and accessibility to the Salisbury City Centre will require an extra and on-going effort from the retailers, business managers and their staff.
Whilst this matter has been a thorn in everyone’s side for a long time, we all need to recognise that without customers, the City Centre will not thrive. If those of us who work in the City Centre park just that bit further away from busy shopping areas, our customers can then be given the priority they deserve. This is the essence of good customer service. Anyone of us who work in the City Centre recognise the scarcity of car parking spaces, a change in parking behaviour will provide our customers with options that are surely going to improve their experience and likelihood of returning.
To succeed in business we need to give our customers and visitors the best experience we can – and driving around and around car parks looking for a space is not one of them.
Promoting available car parking areas will only be effective if car parks are available more frequently due to a change in our parking behaviour. It’s our responsibility and we, the business community in Salisbury must take the initiative. The benefits for City Centre businesses will then be evident.
Designated ‘all day’ areas around the City Centre will be made available and those of us who work 9-5 (or similar) will be expected to use them. (please see attached map)Those who work shorter hours will also be encouraged to use these areas as often as possible. Council will continue to explore additional parking options that satisfy short, medium and long term parking for customers, visitors and staff.
Discussion and feedback on some of the issues that clearly will result from this plan are welcomed and should be directed to Chris Mc Donald (Salisbury City Centre Business Association) on 0414 813202 during business hours.

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